In Italy, they say “Mangiare (Eating)”. “Cantare (Singing)”, and “Amore (Loving)” bring joy in life. We believe that a restaurant must also be a place to enjoy food, sing in joy, and fall deeper in love. We open such a restaurant in Hannamdong. “IL CHIASSO (hustle and bustle)” delivers the joy of Italian cuisine with authentic food, the cheerful service by Italian staffs, and a lively atmosphere created from the restaurant and customers. We look forward to welcoming you.


Il CHIASSO imports its ingredients and wine from Italy and makes dishes including bread, sweets and aged meat with traditional Italian methods. Every part of the interior, cooking and service exudes with Italy's love, brightness, and comfort. Customers are greeted in a space that truly feels like Italy with our commitment to Italian interior, charcoal grills, and Italian service. Customers can have a pleasant experience while enjoying the harmony of food, atmosphere and service of Italy.


Our restaurant is decorated in a simple yet luxurious interior style with warm and elegant furnishings that are standard for Italian restaurants such as the “straw-woven chairs" or Tuscan chandeliers, mustard yellow tablecloths fitting our color scheme, and a large charcoal kiln. The stone kiln grilling sea food or T-bone steak on charcoal instantly invites our customers stepping into our store to the Italian world. The chef’s room is also a special characteristic of our restaurant. This room is specially prepared for our familiar customers, so they can enjoy special off-menu dishes or be served directly by the chef.

Cuisine & Wine

Italian cuisine is not known to be pretentious. We do not change our Italian way of cooking and our Italian tastes to comply with Korean tastes and we insist on bringing simple tastes, simple foods and the taste recognized by Italians. Consistent tastes and established recipes that are not influenced by mere trends will present our customers with the traditional taste of Italy never experienced before. First class wine is also carefully selected from Italian wineries to enhance the taste of our dishes.


In our restaurant, our lively Italian staff will serve our customers in a friendly but professional manner. Experience hospitality that creates a pleasant atmosphere but is not excessive, see smiles that are genuinely sincere and affectionate. Here our customers can enjoy true Italian hospitality. We provide a cart service so even customers unfamiliar with Italian cuisine can easily choose dishes. From the delicious plates laid in front, our servers will help our customers choose the dishes fitting the customers' mood from entre to main dish. We will also pair the right wine to go with the dishes on the spot.

We have four Italian staff at our restaurant, providing a great opportunity to pick up the Italian language. As we import wine, it is also an excellent environment to learn about wine. Friendly smiles and cheerful attitudes are enough to get started on the job. We are excited to meet people who are interested in learning about the true Italian experience.

Regular employees: Sous-chef, Line Cook, Wait staff, Trainee Part-time (Kitchen/Dining Area)

Hiring Detail